Esther, What a Lady

When we picked who got what stories, we drew them from a hat. I was a bit unhappy with having gotten Esther, because it is such a long story for Storying and the story really should have gone to a woman I figured. I tried to get Stephanie to do the story but she declined […]

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Cheap Grace, No Thank You

Frequently people hear the Gospel of Jesus and respond. Often experiencing an initial joy and exuberance that frequently begins tapering off as their old ways return and the new are pushed aside. It is a challenge to stay faithful and true for life, when those around us are behaving differently. The best way to ward […]

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Catalyst Movie Night

We watched the last showing of War Room (10/29/15)and it was an excellent movie. As pastor, I was left thinking throughout the production how many lives would be changed if spouses prayed for each other and their children, but this is not all. So much time is wasted every day and so little is devoted […]

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First Church Service: A Hit!

Catalyst Baptist Church of Ironwood hosted its first church service on August second. Starting at 1100 sharp six people listened to Pastor Ian Minielly deliver the first service ever of Catalyst in Ironwood. Everyone in attendance appeared to enjoy themselves and the service. After the service the group moved to The Pines restaurant for additional […]

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