2015 Events and Happenings

2015 was quite a year for Catalyst. We opened our doors in August and kept them open. We went through a Good News For You (GNFY) Bible Study, which led to two baptisms and new members in the church. We followed up the GNFY with a second Charles Brock study titled, I Have Been Born Again, What Next and enjoyed them both.

After doing both of those Bible Studies, the group transitioned into Storying, which is an excellent source of biblical learning. In Storying a small group gathers together to listen to a story. After one person has relayed the biblical story they inform the group what lessons they learned and what points the Bible is giving us through the story. The group listens and interacts with the storyteller and the Bible until the story has become part of their tool bag, capable of being opened when necessary to share with others. That is the point after all, what good is a Bible Study if it does not lead to a deeper understanding of Scripture and become usable?

So as we move into 2016 we have lots of room to grow and many miles to go. Won’t you join us and become a part of the Catalyst family in Ironwood and the surrounding area?