Why: Guerrilla Church


We tried planting a conventional church in an unconventional market by conventional means and we took a beating. We threw conventional Block Parties and hosted multiple concerts, but these conventional outreach efforts died in the trenches.

All told, these conventional efforts netted the kingdom of God very little.

We do not see any of the New Testament churches constructing buildings and becoming static. What we do see is the pursuit of the kingdom of God through faithfulness and prayer resulting in the creation of disciples who responded to the call to follow. We are still called to follow Jesus, not build institutions for man.

We are going to avoid building as long as possible. We are going to stay mobile with our eyes on the kingdom and our eternal futures. We are going to disperse with weekly small groups through a network of guerrillas passionate about Jesus.

This guerrilla campaign will bring the love of Jesus to people. We will target the needs of people and our community with the Gospel of Jesus. We are intentional throughout the week sharing the Good News and equipping the saints.

We expect many pinpricks against darkness to reach this community, with the purpose of reaching the lost and saving souls.

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