Why: Guerrilla Church

  • Sunday School at 10:15 a.m., Sunday mornings
  • A Men’s Bible Study group in Mercer, WI.
  • Praying with the Men’s college basketball team.

We tried planting a conventional church in a conventional market by conventional means. Like the conventional infantry, we took a beating. We baptized some folks. We threw Block Parties, hosted multiple concerts, gave away over a hundred back packs for school-aged kids and bags of hand-sewn dolls.

All told, those efforts netted us just about bubkus. The plan with each event was our intentional evangelism would yield some changed lives. I do not think it changed any lives. We provided some entertainment and a venue for people to hang out a handful of times. We saved people some money on a backpack and school supplies, but our intentional desire to see a lasting impact in our community…nada.

As a small church, meeting in a single location, twice a week we have been an easy target and the shots rang out regularly. We made it to easy to hit us. We were a soft target. The lessons of warfare prove the grassroots campaign against superior numbers and firepower works. This is what we are going to do. We are going to disperse our forces and build a network of guerillas.

The guerrilla campaign is going to bring the love of Jesus to people where they are hurting and where there is a need. We are focusing and expanding the ministries we are involved in to target needs of the community for the Gospel of Jesus. We will meet more throughout the week with the intention of sharing the good news, otherwise we are just like everyone else and not guerrilla’s.

In some cases, future needs will be met, we are just waiting for the right guerrilla to step forward that feels a need and hears a call from God. We expect many focused efforts to reach this community through Catalyst with the purpose of reaching the lost and saving souls from eternal fire and death.

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