Scriptural Authority

Having completed James T Draper’s Authority: The Critical Issue for Southern Baptists, available from the Amazon machine here. I feel compelled to suggest this book because if authority was a critical issue in 1984, it is even of greater importance now. The book is inexpensive and will be a great addition to your personal Christian-themed […]

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2018 Book Recommendations

During 2018, Catalyst recommended the following books to either supplement or begin building your own Christian library so you can study, share, and use them to better equip and build the Kingdom of God. The first book I want to recommend and that I used as a reference in the sermon is Wisdom of the […]

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2019: Year of Faithfulness

2019 is scheduled and planned as a year of faithfulness for Catalyst and its members. This does not mean we were not faithful in prior years, but this year we are making a real emphasis on being faithful and achieving goals for personal and corporate improvements in faith towards Jesus and the kingdom of God. […]

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Focusing On Exceptions

This week in our Men’s Bible Study, we will be reviewing Matthew 19: 3 — 20: 16. As I prepared this morning I was struck by a similarity in our modern theology to that of the Pharisees of Jesus day. Here is what I mean. In Matt 19: 3-12, Jesus is en route to Jerusalem […]

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I Fool Myself Best

Christians are expert at fooling themselves regarding their faith. There likely is not a Christian alive who would disagree the Bible says we are to share our faith with others, baptizing and making disciples as we go. This is the Great Commission and churches discuss it regularly and few practice it. What happens is we […]

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