Discipleship Matters

As I listened to Robby Gallaty’s testimony again this morning, there are some clear markers of why he was pulled from darkness into light, through Jesus.   A college classmate of his shared the Gospel when they were under graduates and told him at some point in the future, when he was alone, and everyone […]

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What to Read Next?

Having finished the Old Testament Minor Prophets for my daily Scripture intake, I have been wondering what to read next. A wonderful fellow, part of the Upper Wisconsin Remnant, gave me The New Testament: According to the Eastern Text, translated from the Original Aramaic Sources. George Lamsa wrote this book and a number of others […]

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Flat Earthers Are Reaching Folk

I watched a documentary on Flat Earth last night. Throughout the documentary, the thing that struck me the most was their willingness to take to the streets, the airwaves, and to make videos to promote their beliefs and share with any and all who would listen. The central figure in the documentary began making videos […]

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Wrestling God

I stayed up wrestling God all night. I suspect it is a byproduct of the eight + hours spent diligently studying Scripture behind my desk yesterday. At one point, just before three AM, my wife looked at me reading on my phone in bed and was curious what I was reading. I told her I […]

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Thank You Jesus

For Kingdom Folk this week, we studied Colossians 2: 8-23. There are some real gems in this chapter that bring great hope to all who believe and the lost. Paul warns the early church not to get caught up in philosophy, empty deceit, and human traditions. Instead we are to find In Christ the fullness […]

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The Fight to End All Fights?

Back in the late 1970’s and through the 80’s and even into the 1990’s, the Southern Baptist Convention fought a battle that should have ended all theological battles (we can wish and hope and pray). The SBC fought the surge of liberal theology that was overtaking the SBC and had overtaken other denominations that the […]

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