2019 Is Upon Us

As we stare into the approaching 2019, approaching just around the corner, it is time to identify some individual and corporate goals for the next year. Without goals, a person and/or church, will often find themselves within arms reach of the exact same place they were the year prior. This is why goals are important. […]

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Kingdom Women

Kingdom Women aspire to be the women Jesus saved them to be. Kingdom Women aim to realize our Godly potential and fulfill the promise of our redemption in this life. We want to: Be the woman our husbands dreamt of marrying Be the mom’s our children deserve Be the backbone our church and family needs […]

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“In The Beginning”

“In the beginning,” are the words Moses opened up with in Genesis. My writing that sentence provides my personal background and sentiment towards the biblical author and source of the Pentateuch. Studying Genesis for Sunday School, brought me face to face again with the technical consideration and question of just who authored the individual books […]

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When I consider the growth of the Apostles faith evident throughout the Acts of the Apostles, I stand amazed at their faith. If we think this grew out of nowhere or happened in a vacuum, we would be sorely mistaken. From their commissioning in Matthew 10 to take on the mission of Jesus to heal […]

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Another Book Giveaway!

After meeting Donald Whitney at the North American Mission Board (NAMB) headquarters in Alpharetta last week, it is only fitting Catalyst Baptist Church offers the book that made him well-known within Christian circles. Book reviews on Amazon are available here as well as for purchase if you do not win the book. Whitney is a […]

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A Grand Unveiling

This week I am pleased to unveil the Catalyst Baptist Church logo. As pastor, I have had a vision of what the logo would look like from the day we launched, but lacked the artistic skill to make it myself. Lucky for Catalyst, a local Bessemer man attending Northern Michigan and pursuing an art degree […]

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Winning the War

Charles Stanley published Winning the War Within in 1988.Stanley wrote a sermon series on the material included in the book, which is available in the world, but it is difficult to locate and expensive. However, he did publish a three-volume hard-bound book that was very popular on this same topic and issue available here. The […]

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