Is America Christian?

What does it mean to be a Christian? Is a person a Christian because they are born in a “Christian” nation? Does any nation in the world qualify as a “Christian” nation? How do people who are not Christians reconcile their residency when a portion of the population surrounding them considers the nation they live […]

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Who’s Your One?

The North American Mission Board, part of the Southern Baptist Convention, is promoting the Who’s Your One initiative. This is a good idea, so let me challenge each of our readers with identifying a person in their sphere they can focus their evangelistic efforts on. I have no doubt if every believing Christian took this […]

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Love Your Neighbor

Last Sunday, one of the passages of Scripture we studied was Genesis 18. Key to Genesis 18 is Abraham’s hospitality. Abraham goes above and beyond to provide chow and comfort to three strangers he spies hanging out in the trees. In the second half of the chapter, Abraham again shows great hospitality by interceding on […]

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The Amillenial Alternative

Sam Storms, the lead pastor for preaching and vision at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, among other schools, wrote Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative. The vast majority of Baptists, of which Storm is numbered, believe in the Dispensational worldview and interpretation of the End Times in the Bible. […]

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Hospitality & Intercession Matter

When reading Genesis 18-19, it is hard to miss the theme of hospitality and intercession that Abraham was passionate about. Abraham models for us this important behavior that is still important to God today for His children to practice. Abraham sees three strangers hanging out in his wood line during the heat of the day. […]

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Discipleship Matters

As I listened to Robby Gallaty’s testimony again this morning, there are some clear markers of why he was pulled from darkness into light, through Jesus.   A college classmate of his shared the Gospel when they were under graduates and told him at some point in the future, when he was alone, and everyone […]

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What to Read Next?

Having finished the Old Testament Minor Prophets for my daily Scripture intake, I have been wondering what to read next. A wonderful fellow, part of the Upper Wisconsin Remnant, gave me The New Testament: According to the Eastern Text, translated from the Original Aramaic Sources. George Lamsa wrote this book and a number of others […]

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