Pastor Bio

God has a plan for each and every one of us. We can experience the joy of life available when we allow God to lead and follow. Many never experience this joy; they just cannot release the reins and in so doing, they never feel peace.

God wants us to be at peace when we are in Christ. Pastor Ian said, “I know what it feels like to war against God and pursue my own goals and interests. It leads to a lack of peace and a loss of contentment no matter how much ‘success’ is achieved.”

According to pastor Ian, “The height of discipleship is letting go and letting God.” When believers focus their attention on the Kingdom and being Christ-like, they are ready for whatever God wills.

After years in the infantry, Special Forces, the Intelligence Community, and others. Pastor Ian has walked the path many are treading and is capable of identifying with them because he has “been there and done that.” God has a plan, if you want peace, let go of the reins.

Pastor Ian and Stephanie as Lake Superior
Pastor Ian and Stephanie at Lake Superior

Pastor Ian recently published his first book, Emily’s Tears with the Amazon machine. He is close to publishing his second and achieving some life goals.