Pastor Bio

God has a plan for each and every one of us. We can all experience the joy of life available when we allow God to lead. Many never experience this joy. They just cannot release the reins and in so doing, they never feel peace.

God wants us to be at peace when we are in Christ. Pastor Ian experienced this same sentiment after years in the Infantry and Special Forces, and another eight years in government as an Intelligence Analyst. Throughout all those years, the call to ministry was strong and could not be denied. Only now can the peace of God’s plan be felt and seen in Pastor Ian.

Many people view the UP as a place to leave, but for those dedicated souls that make it their home year round, it is a special place.  Pastor Ian and his wife Stephanie have fallen in love with the UP, its people, and its special place in the world, wanting nothing more than to see the people of the UP come to a saving relationship in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Ian and Stephanie as Lake Superior
Pastor Ian and Stephanie at Lake Superior

Pastor Ian recently published his first book, Emily’s Tears with the Amazon machine.