A Living and Active Faith!

This morning, while studying the Bible with the Upper Wisconsin Men’s Remnant (check out the full line of Remnant shirts) in Mercer, we studied Zechariah 7 and it was impactful. Zechariah 7 will make any Christian look in the mirror at their faith and check themselves and their behavior and the underlying reasons for our behavior.

Midwest Remnant long sleeve

This was the prophets message to the returning exiles and the men of Bethel inquiring what they should do. Why and to what purpose are you fasting and weeping? Is it for God or is it for you? That is a challenging question.

The men of Mercer took it upon themselves to identify needs in their community that would enable them to fully live their faith with their neighbors. I am not going to enter in to the details, but the men brought tears to my eyes as they identified people in their community in need and realized they had the ability to show the love of Christ to these people. This is what it means to be a Christian!

I am so proud of the men’s group in Mercer for taking ownership of their community as Christians and putting muscle behind their faith. Today may be one of the most successful days of ministry in the last four years that I was involved in. I am so proud of those men, I can hear the host of heaven applauding their recognition of what it means to be a neighbor and the reason and purpose for Christians to remain in the world with the Good News.