Who’s Your One?

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The North American Mission Board, part of the Southern Baptist Convention, is promoting the Who’s Your One initiative. This is a good idea, so let me challenge each of our readers with identifying a person in their sphere they can focus their evangelistic efforts on. I have no doubt if every believing Christian took this initiative, tens of thousands of people would leave darkness and become believers.

At Catalyst a number of months ago, I challenged our folks to take some steps in their Christian walk.

  • Consider sharing one meal a week or bi-weekly with an unchurched family. These are believers that for whatever reason have stopped attending church. What they need is a believer to take an interest in them and bring them back into a healthy church setting where they can be fed and grow and become part of the solution to the lostness around them.
  • Identify your personal travel and shopping habits and begin developing relationships at each of your stops. These relationships have a specific purpose behind them to share the Gospel so some might believe. Talk to your waiter/waitress, get to know the cashier, and talk to the manager and just get to know the people because they are important and Jesus died for them too.
  • Look around your community for a social club or civic organization and join it with the implicit intention to develop relationships and share the Gospel. Connect with non-believers and build friendships with them.
  • Consider being mentored by someone older or more mature in their Christian faith. This is not just any person, it must be a mature believer that has walked the walk. Being a Christian is not easy and someone who has been doing it longer than you is an excellent person to learn from.  This benefits both parties and it requires a commitment. Maybe go out for coffee once every couple of weeks, for example and discuss your faith and direction.

What are you waiting for?

Jesus did not mince words. He said to go into the world with purpose. We are to live for the Kingdom. Our focus is not our job. Our focus is not our family. Our focus is not on anything other than Jesus and reaching the lost, because He is returning and those who do not believe will find themselves on the outside looking in. Soon people will not have any more chances to believe. This is our time. We cannot rest or shirk from this duty.

What are you waiting for?