Flat Earthers Are Reaching Folk

I watched a documentary on Flat Earth last night. Throughout the documentary, the thing that struck me the most was their willingness to take to the streets, the airwaves, and to make videos to promote their beliefs and share with any and all who would listen.

Conceptual vector scheme. Map of the flat Earth theory.

The central figure in the documentary began making videos on Flat Earth and within two years of his conversion and video making, had more than one million hits on YouTube. Not only that, he launched others into the Flat Earth blog and video spheres where they took the same message and delivered it to their own audiences. He might as well be called a flat earth apostle.

I sat on the floor in front of our television stunned. This is what Christians are supposed to be doing for Jesus, but we largely are absent, while the Flat Earth Society and other Flat Earth proponents are walking the streets, handing out literature, and wearing shirts and clothes promoting their view and it is growing quickly.

We know we have the truth and people without it are doomed. What we know, people need, and we lack the intensity and chutzpah to put ourselves on the line for this truth and people are dying. I was stunned at how open and freely the Flat Earth folks shared their information. They love it and it shows.

If we, as Christians, were as willing to share as the Flat Earth folks. If we were willing to wear t-shirts and key chains, and hats that promoted Jesus everywhere we went. If we put Jesus first in all things and woke up thinking about Jesus and went to bed wishing we had a few more hours to talk about Jesus and make videos and share the Good News, the world would take notice.

Humans promoting climate change, AOC, universal health care, Flat Earth, and saving the baby seals and a million other projects wear their passion on their sleeve and on their automobile bumper. What about Christians though? Do we have the same passion for Jesus? I don’t think we do. I think we have an ivory tower view of the Gospel.

We know we have good info, but it is too good for regular folk. We cannot dirty our halls by sharing with all. We cannot just speak to someone on the sidewalk or at the store about Jesus, because what if they listened? Then we would have to take it a step further and get involved. We might have to spend some time with them and disciple them. We might have to expand our churches or sit somewhere else or park further away…

I sat stunned watching the Flat Earth folk share their beliefs. We can be just a passionate and we actually are called and expected to and we are burying our heads in the sand, pretending it will get done by someone, just not you or me.