2019: Year of Faithfulness

2019 is scheduled and planned as a year of faithfulness for Catalyst and its members. This does not mean we were not faithful in prior years, but this year we are making a real emphasis on being faithful and achieving goals for personal and corporate improvements in faith towards Jesus and the kingdom of God.

If we pay attention to the church in its early years, the early believers practiced a faith not seen much these days. They came together often, studied, prayed, helped, and lifted each other up to continue evangelizing others with the Good News of Jesus. The early church wore their faith on their sleeve and had the name of Jesus readily on their tongue, which is why the church in Antioch is where believers first became known as, “Christians,” from Acts 11: 26.

If believers were named for their most readily apparent characteristics today, we would likely be called, “footballers” or “NASCARians,” or something similar like “Republican” or “Democrat,” but certainly not Christians. We want to arrest this development in Catalyst and be faithful as we are called and redeemed in Jesus.

Some of the individual measures people in Catalyst are taking or might take:

  • Reading the Bible in a year
  • Extended time devoted to prayer on a daily basis
  • More time (a set amount) spent in Scripture daily
  • Commitment to not miss a Sunday Service or Small Group session for the next year
  • A commitment to increase giving for the next year, much like the church in Antioch did for the famine in Jerusalem/Judea.
  • Devotion of additional time for service to the church/community weekly/monthly.
  • A commitment to share the Gospel at least 52 times, or once/week for 2019.
  • Spending time reading books on Christianity or people within Christianity over the past 2,000 years and building/expanding ones own Christian library.
  • Identifying a need in our community or somewhere else in the world and working to provide aid/resources for that need, however it shakes out.
  • Commit to membership within Club 168.

These are some of the possible measures Catalyst folk will commit to for the 2019 year. If there is one thing we can do in response to the sacrifice of Jesus, it is to be faithful.

Corporately we are committed to expanding our weekly study of Scriptures and to meet more regularly for our movie nights and pot lucks. We will continue participation with the Men’s Group in Mercer, but will also expand the effort through Kingdom Folk weekly and our newest effort, Kingdom Paths, where mentors will take an active role in the life of fellow Christians to disciple/assist them as necessary or just be there with people in their spiritual walk through life.

2019 is a year Catalyst will seek to answer Jesus question regarding what kind of faith He will find when He returns. How is your faith and can we get you started with us to help you grow closer to God?