I Fool Myself Best

Christians are expert at fooling themselves regarding their faith. There likely is not a Christian alive who would disagree the Bible says we are to share our faith with others, baptizing and making disciples as we go. This is the Great Commission and churches discuss it regularly and few practice it.

What happens is we tell ourselves:

  • The pastor is paid to do it and has all kinds of degrees in it.
  • Evangelism is not my gifting.
  • I do not know enough to tell others.
  • I will invite them to church and the preacher can reach them.
  • I do not know any unsaved folks.
  • My employer says we cannot talk about religion at work.
  • My school says I cannot talk about my faith at school.
  • My friends do not want to hear me speak about Jesus.
  • My family does not want to hear me speak about Jesus.
  • God calls the elect to Himself, I have no appreciable role in it.
  • It is too scary to share the Good News of Jesus.
  • What if people laugh at me?
  • I do not want to offend anyone.

And here is what happens, the Good News of Jesus stays buried inside of us and our faith stagnates right alongside of it. Instead of being on our lips and passing through regularly, we become the Dead Sea for the Gospel where nothing can grow due to our salty content.

We are not planting seeds in others and we are not watering already planted seeds and we certainly are not bringing home the harvest. Speaking for Catalyst only, I see the same chairs empty on Sundays and I know the Gospel was not shared and the invites went unsent, yet people wonder why there are not fresh bodies joining us in worship.

A church body rarely gets the fresh bodies joining Sunday worship and small groups without intentionally sharing the Good News that Jesus sacrificially gave of himself so others might be saved. This is what people need to hear, but if they do not hear it, they cannot believe it, and if they do not believe it, they have no interest in worshiping God.

With all of this in mind, I want Catalyst and all believers to make 2019 the year of their personal evangelism explosion and growth. I have prepared data sheets for people to track their faith in following the Great Commission. With these data sheets a Christian can maintain their focus and catalogue their evangelism and track how well they deliver and where they may need to conduct some follow up.

Evangelism Catalyst Data Sheet

Date Name Location Full Gospel/Church Invite too Follow Up?

The above is a portion of our Data Sheet. It has an obvious date column and column for the name of the person being shared with. This should prompt us to remember the importance of getting the persons name so we can pray for them later. I also included a location section so we can track where we were when we shared. This is important so we can do follow up or so we can also recruit other believers to visit the same person and share with them also.

I combined the “Full Gospel” and “Church Invite” into one column. Some encounters we only get one of the two things out, or if it is a follow up, we may not need to express the full gospel again or invite them to church again. This column allows us to record what we have done with each encounter, prompt us to deliver the gospel and invite to church, while also giving us a follow up column where we can record subsequent encounters with the same person.

In the last four days I have shared the full Gospel with two people and invited them both to church, while inviting one non-churched believer to come worship with us, after I shared the full Gospel with this same person previously. I know for a fact if every Christian carried a document like this and went out with the full intention of being obedient to Jesus and his demand we share His work on the cross with others, there would not be empty chairs in church buildings.

So that is my challenge to you Christian in 2019. Will you be obedient to Jesus or will you continue rebelling against God and staying silent for Satan?