A Miraculous Conversion and Story

This past week, I referenced a Christian in my sermon that experienced a similar conversion experience as Saul of Tarsus. This man, Sundar Singh, was born in India, but his faith brought him all over the world. I have not read his books yet, but only what others have written about him, which is always dangerous.

So I want to recommend some of his books, so we can read about the man and his views of theology and the church in his own words, because those others say are not always the most reliable. Just think of gossip and how dangerous it is to listen to someone describe someone else, there is no way of knowing if the description is even remotely true, without going to the individual themselves.

The first book I want to recommend and that I used as a reference in the sermon is Wisdom of the Sadhu, available from the Amazon machine here. A Sadhu is an Indian holy man and according to the descriptions, the path Sundar took so as to reach his countryman with the gospel. Sundar says Indians were not overly receptive to western-styled Christianity, but if he became a Sadhu preaching the Gospel, they would listen to him.

Another small book by Singh I am recommending is At The Master’s Feet, available from the Amazon machine here

.Followed by this third book, Visions of the Sadhu Sundar Singh, Available here at the Amazon machine.

Each of these books are the words of Singh himself. For a biography I took a stab in the dark off of Amazon reviews and am recommending this Sadhu Sundar Singh: A Biography of the Remarkable Indian Disciple of Jesus Christ, available from the Amazon machine here.

There are additional books by Singh and about Singh and I would recommend anyone wanting to read about a Christian buy them for their personal library and if you are courageous, you might even lend them out. These books might make a great Christmas idea for the believers in your family.

Remember, it is always best to go to the source when available. In gossip as well as literature and most certainly in theology.