When I consider the growth of the Apostles faith evident throughout the Acts of the Apostles, I stand amazed at their faith. If we think this grew out of nowhere or happened in a vacuum, we would be sorely mistaken.

From their commissioning in Matthew 10 to take on the mission of Jesus to heal the sick and preach the Kingdom of God, the Apostles begin flexing their faith muscle. Slowly and surely Jesus modeled desirable behavior and before His ascension, promised the Holy Spirit to seal the deal.

Peter and John stand before the council and refuse to quit preaching in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Shortly after that all 12 Apostles stand before the same council and will not be cowed. Their faith was crispy and tempered through successes and failures and at this point in their story, they are tempered Christians.

The modern Christian often seeks a life free of heat. We do not want to stand on the carpet for our faith, we want to just get along without the heat and pressure of the world pushing back against us for our love and faith in Jesus. This has resulted in atrophied faith, not much better than milk toast unable to stand on its own, especially against the pressure of a world that hates Jesus and God’s plan.

Our faith must be crispy. We must exercise our faith through Scripture, prayer, and active evangelism, fellowship, and discipleship, otherwise we become milk toast unable to stand against earthly powers and authorities.

#BeCrispy means your faith is tempered and you live it daily. #BeCrispy means you will speak the name Jesus of Nazareth everywhere you go and with all people. Are you milk toast or crispy? The below sermon describes this in much greater detail.