A Grand Unveiling

Asset 2110ppi.png

This week I am pleased to unveil the Catalyst Baptist Church logo. As pastor, I have had a vision of what the logo would look like from the day we launched, but lacked the artistic skill to make it myself. Lucky for Catalyst, a local Bessemer man attending Northern Michigan and pursuing an art degree lives across the street.

Coming from an artistic family, Elijah Kalinovik had originally planned to study English and write for a living, or so I thought. I had been his substitute English teacher for awhile and felt a small degree of pleasure in his choice. Not being an artist myself, when Eli changed his major from English to Art, I felt the loss personally as a voice that would go unheard.

I love being wrong when it is right. Eli will still be heard, but in a different manner and style than I could have ever imagined. His art will bring him an audience and allow him to speak to the world.

Eli and I talked for a handful of minutes as I described my vision for the logo. Eli got back to me within a couple of days with about a 90% solution. I asked him to make a couple small tweaks and he came right back with those changes and allowed his artistic skills to capture my vision in the logo.

I am happy to unveil the logo trapped in my mind for years and freed through the artistic skill of a local young man and student. He is available for similar work from others and I recommend him, as you can see yourself.