To Make Disciples

The Great Commission says believers are to go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded…” in Matt 28: 19-20.

Jeremiah 29-11 (43368)

Likewise, in Acts 1: 8 the Apostles are informed they will be Jesus’ witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Samaria and Judea and to the ends of the earth. Discipleship is a very (most) important element of the New Covenant, where God promises a future change the heart of the believer in Jeremiah 31: 31-34 to know God like never before in history, which is why Jesus says the great men of the Old Testament would have loved to experienced what believers today experience.

So what does it mean to be a disciple?

A Disciple:

  1. Believes Jesus is the Son of God and has accepted him as their Lord and Savior for the remission of sin and restoration of relationship with God the Father through the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5: 1-5)
  2. Places God first in their life and all things. (Matthew 6: 24)
  3. While loving his neighbor as him/herself. (Matt 22: 39)
  4. Maintains a committed prayer life. (Matt 6: 6)
  5. Devotes themselves to learning the Scriptures and reflecting the teachings with their life. (2 Tim 3: 16-17)
  6. Is a witness for Jesus to a fallen world so some might be saved. (Acts 1: 8)

So, with this in mind, are you a disciple of Jesus? Is your church providing you the platform to claim the title of disciple of Jesus?

Catalyst provides a weekly sermon teaching on the Scriptures for teaching and glorifying God, small groups to teach and train disciples, and serving opportunities for people to be witnesses for Jesus. So, are you a disciple or a consumer? Jesus wants disciples, not consumers of religion.