Mission Support Funds

Catalyst just received another payment from Amazon. This is an amazing thing. Catalyst as a church, does not market or sell anything other than book recommendations, but people are shopping on Amazon through our affiliate link and Amazon gives Catalyst a small portion of the proceeds while not costing the Amazon customer a single penny.

Anyway you look at it, Catalyst wins when people use our affiliate link for their Amazon shopping. All told since June 2016, Catalyst has received $191.17 from people shopping. This is free money we can use for ministry in our community, how can anyone not appreciate that? We just bought over $100 worth of Bibles. We will be buying new offering envelopes soon and we also are getting close to needing more gluten free communion wafers.

Churches spend money, just like people do. So why not help Catalyst when you shop on Amazon and hit this link first, http://amzn.to/2rtCcqd. When you do, Catalyst receives a small portion and we can afford to do even more ministry in our community to reach people with the saving message of Jesus.

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