Christian Fellowship

Job 5:9 (56726)

Stephanie and I went to Weston, Wi yesterday. We met Mike Siehr and his wife Sara who have recently planted Weston Family Fellowship, Wilkie Richmond, who planted Eagle Wings Fellowship out of Ashland to reach the native American population and Rich Larson, CEO of Crossroads Outreach Center, also of Ashland.

We as a group came together because John Brittain, representing his baptist association in Missouri is swinging through upper Wisconsin to partner with the churches reaching these rural communities.

The Siehr’s are looking for some help reaching their local community. Being only 2.5 hours from Catalyst, we will form up and go on a day trip or two to their area for some outdoor evangelism and sharing of the Gospel.

I am not sure how we might partner with Wilkie and his family, but I am sure we will in the future as they are only an hour away in Ashland. The interesting thing about both of these planters and their efforts is how we have shared a common vision this this area.

I have been preaching for three years about a revival coming out of this area and taking North America by storm and Wilkie and Mike shared the same vision. I do not think it is an odd occurrence the three of us have arrived in this area with the same goal, to grow the kingdom and glorify God.

Big things are coming and it is wonderful to have a part in it. I should have taken a picture of everyone!