The Western Church

I was just struck with the condition of the western church upon completion of our quarterly newsletter. Do you know what image stuck in my mind? I will warn you it is not pretty and there is no bow or ribbon that will make it more appealing.


If anyone has opened their septic tank they will understand this description. A  properly functioning septic system has an almost undertone of sweetness as the bacteria breaking down the paper and waste are working in their biosphere in complete happiness. All the observer can see is the very top layer, which is a frothy mess, but the tank is stratified with heavy solids on the bottom and different layers broken down between the bottom and the frothiness on the top that runs out the field lines.

The western or uniquely American church is the frothy mess on the top of the septic tank that is the culture of the United States. The American church has been boiled down from the waste and debris of the country into a stagnant mess sitting on top that just wants to get away from the main mass of wickedness as quickly as possible into its eternal future.

The American church has become an isolated, insulated, caricature of itself. In their efforts to remain profitable and able to pay pastor/staff salaries and the monthly bills, the focus must shift inside the walls, instead of on the lost on the outside. This is the obvious result of Calvinism and predestination and it is an abomination to the Good News of Jesus. Sure, it pays salaries and can keep some Christians happy as the “church” works to serve them, but it does not advance the Kingdom.

Very few of those happy Christians realize they are there to serve the church and reach the lost. This has stagnated Christianity in America to the point it needs a flushing. We need roto rooter to clean the pipes of our “churches” and homes so the Holy Spirit can flow freely again through believers and into the community of lost, where He works to restore, heal, and save those who are condemned by their sins.

We need a giant pump truck to empty our “churches” and homes of the man-made sludge that has gained strength, steam, and completely clogged our systems as we focus inwardly on ourselves and condemn the lost in their sins to hell. Because if God wanted em, He would surely call them…just like he called all of us happy Christians…

I cannot even pretend to be a Calvinist/Reformed theologian without losing my mind in the toxicity of double speak and wickedness. We need a third Great Awakening and it will never come from the reformed theology, but only from those that embrace the Gospel and the needs of the lost to hear it.

  • Christian, are you praying for revival in our faith and renewed commitment to the Kingdom of God and away from the fiefdom of Calvin?
  • Christian, are you praying for the lost to hear the Good News?
  • Christian, are you praying for the feet that bring the Good News?
  • Christian, are you praying for the knowledge, wisdom, love, and strength to be everything God wants you to be as you take this message of salvation to the lost?
  • Christian, are you praying for other churches, believers, and pastors to catch the same fever the Church has had during each revival and awakening in its history?
  • Christian, are you working to finish the race or just happy to be at the track meet?

I want us all to answer the clarion call of the faith to actually live as Jesus lived. We are not called to look like everyone else, but are called to bring the truth into darkness. We are called out of safety and security and into a radical lifestyle of belief that changes the world, one new believer at a time.

If you are not ready to change the world for Jesus, perhaps you are not fully with Jesus yet. God does not support your maybe’s and tomorrow’s when He calls you to do something. God blesses your yes’s, period.

He has a plan for you. A specific plan that you have been prepared to accomplish through all the trials of your life and all of your experiences. There are people only you can reach and ministries only you can be a part of. God wants you working for the kingdom, not yourself or the dominion of Satan.

Which kingdom, fiefdom, or dominion has your life’s focus been on? If it is not the Kingdom of God, it still can be today. Tomorrow might be too late, but today you have time. Get on your knees and pray in repentance and say yes to Jesus. Accept Him as your Lord and Savior and promise your life to Him, to use as He would to further His ends and not yours.

In the end, you will be blessed in a mighty way, but you have to say YES!