Who Would Have Thunk It?

If you had asked me last week if I was going to have a Roman Catholic priest buy my meal in the near future. I very easily would have said, no. There is not a chance.

Friar Dominic on the left eating chow with Reverend Jerry on the right at the Korner Kitchen in Wakefield.

Then, the Reverend Jeremiah Akintunde came to town with the Revive This Nation 2018 evangelistic effort. Jerry preached in Catalyst Sunday, available here,  and is preaching in Havenwood Baptist Church in Hurley, Wednesday evening at 7 p.m.

Being of Nigerian descent, I thought Pastor Jerry might like to meet the local Catholic friar as he is from Ghana. I contacted Friar Dominic and asked if he would like to meet Jerry over lunch and he of course said yes. The three of of us just finished a meal together and instead of Jerry leaving with me, he left with Friar Dominic to visit his rectory and hang out.

Friar Dominic said he wanted to pay for our meal and we acquiesced. It was wonderful to share a meal with these men. Listening to them talk about Africa, as they had both ministered in the same region of Ghana before coming here, was amazing and joyful. I actually had to fight back tears of joy watching and listening to these two fellows.

“God is good all the time!”