Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

Offering Box
The Catalyst Baptist Church tithes and offering box. We do not pass an offering plate.
A young pastor I used to coach when he was in high school has taken his first pastorate in Virginia and asked me to give them a write up so his church can know how the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering effects a church planter like us.

So how does the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering impact us as church planters? We left Virginia nearly three years ago to come to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. We live on the border with Wisconsin and are 12 hours from Detroit, and sixteen miles south of Lake Superior, if that gives people any idea of where we are. This place is called Big Snow Country and it earns that name every year. We have about 130 inches of snow so far.


We are pioneers on the frontier of America as missionaries in North America. There is not another Southern Baptist Church within two hours of our location, counting Wisconsin and Minnesota (which is the least SBC-churched state in the country, per person). Our roots are tied through Kentucky Baptists that moved here to work in the 1950’s in the automotive industry. The people from Kentucky brought the SBC with them and I thank God for that.


The North American Mission Board has supported us financially the past 2.5 years. The NAMB and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering has been very good to us and we would not be here evangelizing this lost people group without it.

It is through the effort and generosity of all SBC churches nationwide that Catalyst is here punching holes in darkness with the light of the Gospel. 70% of our giving goes right back into this community. We can do this because the NAMB provides most of our income, which frees Catalysts funds to make an impact in this community. Last year Catalyst gave 30% of our intake in tithes and offerings back to SBC associated entities and 70% to our local community.

This is only possible because of Annie Armstrong and the NAMB freeing Catalyst funds from supporting my wife and I, allowing Catalyst to build inroads into our community.

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is a big deal to us because we see the tangible effects directly on our church and our community. The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is what makes all of this possible.