Gospel Tracts Still Work

Three new gospel tracts in use by Catalyst

Our new gospel tracts arrived late last week. Tracts are one of those things methods of sharing that have lost much favor in many churches and with many Christians.

I think we should reconsider our use of tracts. My favorite method of using tracts is to insert them in mail, especially bills, and let God do the rest. It makes paying bills less miserable to think some person is going to open that bill, remove my check, and get something to brighten their day with the best news there ever was.

There are many other reasons to use tracts though:

  • Tracts can get in homes and stay, you and I cannot.
  • Tracts do not get discouraged or afraid, they just deliver the same message every time.
  • Tracts can get used over and over again.
  • Tracts are easy to carry and bring everywhere we go.
  • Tracts may carry the only portions of God’s Word some people will ever read.
  • Tracts can be left just about anywhere, but we should also make sure they do not just become litter.

Billy Graham said of tracts, “Nothing surpasses a tract for sowing the seed of the Good News.’

George Whitfield, a great preacher during the Great Awakening was saved after reading a tract. Whitfield said, “God showed me I must be born again or be damned.”