Deceived, and I Fear Lost

Oh how man can look everywhere but to God and find everything but God.

I had an encounter with an individual today, a fellow that went to seminary five decades ago but admitted to having not known God at the time or much since. With that being said, not all seminaries are created equal. At least he admitted he went to a very liberal seminary in California so when he said he recently discovered God for the first time… well I knew what we were working with.

We had a great conversation, but multiple times this fellow recommended I read a book by a liberal theologian who was part of the Jesus Seminar in the 80;s and 90’s. The Jesus Seminar’s spent two decades trying to parse down the New Testament to the exact words of Jesus while throwing the rest out. The people involved did not think the Bible accurately captured the words of Jesus, especially as the Bible consistently butted up against their liberal desires to live and do exactly how and what they wanted etc and that everyone must go to heaven, belief being not essential.

The Jesus Seminar folks hold this position because they do not want to conform to the Bible, but want the Bible to conform to their ideology. So after meeting multiple times with “theologians,” and I use that word quite liberally, the Jesus Seminar folks narrowed down the words of Jesus to just about nothing. In the entire NT they figure very little is actually Jesus and the rest is man made and not worth following, but they have the replacement words, don’t you worry.

I studied some of these folks in seminary and was always amazed at the effort some people will put in to destroying their own faith and the faith of others. They remind me of those folks who would come behind Paul and attack the new churches regarding the necessity of circumcision and other things in line with the Old Testament.

I invited him multiple times to Catalyst, I am certain he will never visit, although I wish he would.