Making A Difference

If a person spends any time on the church website or interacting with Pastor Ian or following the things Catalyst is involved in. Making a difference in the community we live in as Christians is one of our prime directives. We strongly desire to live and demonstrate our Christian lifestyle and beliefs, which requires more than lip service, it takes action.

Catalyst meets in the auditorium of city hall. The auditorium however is not ADA compliant as there are two steps to enter the room and the city expressed a desire to make the room and eventually the rest of the building ADA compliant. When I heard this I thought this was an opportunity for Catalyst to put its money where its mouth is and help the city.


Today, Catalyst is giving the city clerk a check for $400 to help pay for the installation of a ramp. The ramp is $700, so Catalyst is paying for 57% of the ramp. In the spring the city is looking at adding ADA compliant doors, which will cost $2,000. We will pony up as a church and help pay for this also, but not likely at the same percentage, but we will do our best.

If the Gospel is not changing the community where you live, I have to wonder how you are living?

Are you living the Gospel, because if the amazing grace of God to come in the flesh and redeem those who believe is not enough to give God back the life he redeemed, then I do not know what is.

So please join Catalyst in the joy of making our community better for all by making the auditorium where the city votes, people host parties, and other city events happen accessible to the whole community, not just the members of Catalyst Baptist Church.

Sometimes the joys of being a pastor and being able to do things like this really makes every other day that falls short of this one more bearable, knowing another opportunity will become available to make a difference.