Gogebic Celebrate Recovery


Gogebic Celebrate Recovery (GCR), a ministry of Catalyst Baptist Church, is launching on 11 January 2018. This initial month will require some flexibility on everyone’s part, but the auditorium in Bessemer city hall at 411 S. Sophie Street is secured for meetings. Bessemer City Hall is not the courthouse. City Hall is at the top of the hill on Sophie Street.

We will meet on the 19th and 26th of January also, both of which are Fridays to accommodate the multiple schedules of the city and Catalyst.

Why Celebrate Recovery and why now? The traditional Twelve Step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar programs have done phenomenal work in assisting people to kick booze, drugs, and/or to recover from abuse in many forms. Those programs have created communities of people with struggles having common ground and providing accountability and feedback, but the underlying key is a nebulous and undefined “higher power.”

GCR has a higher power, but that higher power is clearly defined in Jesus. God’s plan from the beginning to restore humanity and the world in Christ Jesus (Eph 1: 1-14). In GCR we do not rely on our own definition of a higher power in its many forms, we rely on God’s definition and that is Jesus.

GCR starts at 6 p.m. with an hour of worship,  testimony, and uplifting messages.

At 7 p.m. we break down into small groups.

Initially our small groups will be divided solely along male and female lines. As the group grows and more defined needs become evident, additional small groups will form as leaders are developed from within the group.

Please sign up and follow the Gogebic Celebrate Recovery Facebook page for updates and time changes as the city has first dibs on the facility and we will sometimes have to shift one day to the right or left.

As a church, we do not want one more overdose or family destroyed by abuse. We want to step in, fill the gap, and provide an exit strategy for people in the throws of their struggles. Within GCR will be opportunities for leadership and growth as a stand alone ministry of Catalyst Baptist Church.