December 2017 Book of the Month

This month, I want to recommend The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. This is the second time I have suggested this book, but I do not know if anyone listened the first time.

Especially in the month of December, we need to remember who the Messiah is and why we so desperately needed God to intervene in the affairs of men so directly with the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

During December, many people in America are busy decorating their homes, traveling to visit family members, cooking good chow, and family reunions and joyous times. We often get so busy in our lives and pursuing things that make us happy and feel good, we forget about the actual love of God on display in Jesus.

Man could not reconcile themselves to God on their own. No matter how good we try to be, it is not holy enough, not righteous enough, not good enough. A perfect sacrifice is necessary to reconcile man with God and is only possible through the atoning sacrifice of the Messiah.

However, perhaps people have doubts regarding this story. Perhaps the concept of a just and righteous all-knowing God is too much for a person to believe. That the God of the Bible would love us enough to leave heaven and become a man with flesh and blood is too fantastic a story for some people and they need to hear the evidence.

Strobel has compiled much of the evidence, between the biblical accounts, extra-biblical writings, eye witness accounts, and the scientific record to conclude, the Jesus of the Bible is who he said he was, the Messiah. SO I want to recommend this book again because maybe you have doubts. Let The Case For Christ open the evidence and warm your heart to belief and the Kingdom of God.

Please make your purchase and make an informed decision about just why we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Using this link will help Catalyst without costing you a single additional penny. Thank you and good luck with your investigation.