December Giving Time

I recently listened to a podcast regarding end of the year giving patterns in the United States. In the final 48 hours of December, Americans give hundreds of billions of dollars to various charities and churches in an effort to capture the financial benefits available by offsetting ones income with the deduction of giving.

I suspect many of you will have already begun receiving the barrage of direct mail, email, and advertising from various charities and 501 C3 organization to capture a slice of this pie. Many charitable groups rely on their yearly haul from December to carry on the eleven other months of the year.

If you have not noticed the drive for December donations, I urge you to begin paying attention. Since I listened to the podcast, I have become keenly aware of the effort of many organization to keep themselves on the fore of peoples minds heading into and through December with repeated contacts via different means.

With that in mind, I want to remind our followers and supporters that Catalyst Baptist Church is without a doubt the most active church in our community.

  • When we hold concerts and public events, it is not for our own churches edification, but to reach the community for God.
  • We supportĀ  the communities around us with financial and resource intensive efforts to help kids eat better, live better, and function better, while helping parents through difficult times.
  • We are launching a new effort in January to help with the problems of addiction crippling our area from a Christ-centered perspective.
  • We are one of only a handful of churches in our community financially supporting the local pregnancy center and so much more.

Catalyst is a small church, but we have a large footprint. We support two high school booster programs, the local hockey team, and I recently began working with the college basketball team as well to bring Jesus into rooms where He is not regularly discussed.

As a matter of policy, I do not normally ask for financial support for Catalyst outside of our church. However, I do not want to limit your ability to join us by getting on board with Catalyst to impact this community and continue making a difference. Launching the recovery program in January is intensive and will be taxing for our small congregation and we can use help from the outside.

With this is mind, post marked checks to Catalyst in the mail by December 31st are 100% tax deductible for the 2017 year. We also have a PayPal account for online giving.

People often come down to that final 48 hours in December looking for another good cause. I want to encourage everyone to remember Catalyst and our adherence to the Great Commission. Our focus is outward, not inward. Thank you for your time and prayerful consideration.

Online giving is available at

While our mailing address is:

Catalyst Baptist Church

PO Box 81

Bessemer, MI 49911

Pastor Ian