November 2017 Book of the Month

About 9-10 years ago, Stephanie and I were house shopping in central Virginia after I was thankfully transferred from Washington DC to Charlottesville. One of the houses we looked at in Charlottesville had a book I had heard about for years, was interested in reading, but had never seen anywhere I could make the purchase.

I pointed out Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn’s The Gulag Archipelago to Stephanie, the realtor, and G-reg and began talking about the book and what Solzhenitzyn’s effort unmasked, uncovered, and provided for the world about the inner workings of the Soviet Union’s Gulag system.

After we left that house without considering it as a potential purchase, I forgot about the book and we kept on trucking and doing our thing, eventually renting a house in Stuarts Draft, forcing me to commute an hour each way to work so G-reg could go to Ridgeview Christian Academy, which Stephanie fell in love with upon visiting it.

What I did not expect was when I opened my Christmas presents that December, I discovered my family had remembered how much I had spoke about Solzhenitsyn and The Gulag Archipelago and bought it for me for Christmas. What a great gift!

As my way of book reading goes, Solzhenitzyn went to the back of my to-be-read pile. It took a number of years for me to work through the hundred books that were in front of it from the date of receiving it and then I read it and it was everything I thought it would be and could be. The book showed me how evil people can be under the guise of government and creating their own utopia through force and the removal of people that do not fit the profile or mold we are wanting.

Considering the hate for the Obama administration I listened to from 30 percent of the country for eight years and the current hate for the Trump administration coming from 30 percent of the country, I think this book needs to be read by everyone. When you read The Gulag Archipelago I have no doubt the vitriol and hate people have for their fellow citizens that either do not think like them or perhaps look like them will be moderated, because the end result of the hate we have for each other is not a better world, it is the gulag and if you do not believe me, look at the frequency of references about prison, death, assassination, regarding people in politics and their misguided supporters.

Please take this recommendation to heart and make the purchase from the following link. I also ask that you not do what I did and wait a couple of years to read the book. The day it arrives at your house, open it up and get reading. It will impact your life, your relationships, and your thoughts about the people around you in your neighborhood and points further out.

The above link does not cost you an additional penny, but it does help Catalyst Baptist Church as Amazon will cut us a small check from their profits. Thank you and get to reading!