October 2017 Book of the Month

For October I want to recommend a book I am still reading. While I have not finished this book yet, I feel confident based on its centuries of reading by Christians that I am not in error for recommending The Pilgrim’s Progress: An Allegory by John Bunyan. This is the second book of Bunyan’s I have recommended. If you have not cracked open the pages of this classic yet, why the wait? Get to it and enjoy this classic.

Due to my current level of busyness, I have not been able to read this book as quickly as I would like. I am currently getting lucky to read one page a night, sometimes two. The writing is awkward and it can be challenging to work through a page as the new characters come on the scene and quickly depart with their lessons learned.

There are many options available to purchase the book, so I selected one of the less expensive books.


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