New Sunday School Topic

After discussions on Sunday morning, we covered multiple potential Sunday School topics for the immediate future and settled on the Reformation, as this is the 500th anniversary of Luther posting the 95 Theses.

I already had a handful of books on the topic, but I wanted more depth and more material, so we could really tackle the preceding century’s leading up to the Reformation and then the events faced by the Reformers and those that came immediately afterwards. Of course, a pastor cannot buy everything he wants for research, as many of the books I considered buying were over $100 each.

With price being a major consideration, I settled on the following books when many others would also have been great to possess, but this is a good starting point and expansion of the library for Catalyst Baptist Church.

  • The Complete Writings of Menno Simons
  • How the Pope Became Infallible
  • Atlas of the Christian Church
  • A History of the Medieval Church
  • The Anabaptists: Extracts from the writing of various authors
  • Mirror of the Martyrs
  • and Church, State, and Christian Society at the time of the Investiture Contest

I would like to remind visitors (and members) we have Sunday School at 10:15 a.m. Sunday mornings. Sunday School is an enjoyable time of learning and mining the depths of Christianity to increase our understanding and faith.