Being Catalysts In Our Community

This past month has been a solid month of making a difference in our community. I was not even aware of all we had done until I was writing a thank you for visiting card for a nice couple that came to Catalyst this past Sunday.

In the last month Catalyst has:

  • Provided 25 Bibles to area grade school students
  • joined the local school booster clubs
  • sponsored the local hockey team
  • given money to provide meals and healthy food for local kids over the pending Christmas break
  • Purchased back packs and back to school supplies for local kids
  • Initiated a new program for the area we have not launched yet as we are still preparing ourselves for its public launch.

We are a small church, but it is a blessing to be able to reach into this community and make a difference in so many lives.

We are named Catalyst Baptist Church for a reason. To God be the glory for enabling us to have this kind of impact locally.