Bible Give Away


Saturday on the 19th of August, three members of Catalyst joined forces with some local groups that were giving away back packs to local elementary school kids. Catalyst had double the impact with this support of elementary school kids because Catalyst also gave financially to provide supplies and backpacks for the kids.

Of even greater importance though was the opportunity to give kids their very own Bibles.

Catalyst Baptist Church purchased 50 kids edition ESV translated Bibles with pictures to give away to the kids getting back packs and/or to bring to their brothers and sisters that may not have come with them Saturday.

As the kids moved in empty handed, they left with a back pack on their shoulders and a Bible in their hand. It feels good knowing some, if not all, of those kids may not have had their own Bible, but now they do.

Are we likely to draw anyone to Catalyst through this Bible give away. I do not expect to. However, getting Bibles in the hands of people leaves it in God’s hands to energize them to open those Bibles and investigate what is inside and in so doing, discover there is a Creator that loves them and wants to spend eternity with them while having a relationship with them today through Jesus.