The Great Optometrist

Wow. As I near completion of my rough draft for this weeks sermon on Luke 20: 27-40, I am struck by how effective Jesus corrects the vision of those blessed to encounter him.

The Sadducee’s come and ask Jesus a question, but their preconceived notions not only steer the question blindly off a cliff, they cannot see how their vision of God’s kingdom is clouded by their location in the current age and they have no comprehension of God’s unfolding plan before their eyes.

Like an optometrist flipping those little lenses and saying, ” One or two. One or two. One or two.” Jesus has been flipping the lenses the religious authorities looked through so they could see the Kingdom plan as God designed it, and their role within it. Story after story Jesus is flipping lenses so they could see truth, instead of falsehood.

Jesus and the Bible are still doing this today. We have ideas imputed into us by our family, school, friends, culture and almost without fail, those ideas and views are counter to the age to come as they are designed for this age only. We cannot understand or even comprehend God’s plan ie. the Gospel in its entirety, when we cannot see past the ends of our nose with clarity because our vision is clouded in the current age.

I pray the words and work of Jesus, combined with the Scriptures, is actively working to correct your vision as well as mine and that we all listen and allow it to. The ideas and vision of this current age only limit our vision and ability to see God’s active hand in the world.

Let God correct your vision so we can, “all live to Him.”