Bible Study Location Secured

Catalyst Baptist Church is securing a partnership with Lahte’s, Main Street Fitness, where we will resume our small groups and Bible Studies in the week after next. The absence of our small groups has been one that has pained me as pastor, but with our move we needed to figure out a new way and location. I see this location as an excellent place because it is right downtown in Ironwood and will enable us to minister to each other and our community.

We now have a presence in two of the local towns and I am excited and looking forward to Catalyst’s part in God’s plan of redemption for this area.

Donald is going to step up and take charge of “Storying.” This is really good for Donald and Catalyst as it gives him a chance to grow in his faith and strengthens the Catalyst family as much as it will Donald’s own.

As I was thinking about storying, the thing I like about it best is the exposition of the text that results. Storying does not rely on a study written by man to disciple folks. Storying relies solely on the Bible and the stories of the Bible to instruct God’s own people so we can know God and understand His plan for us. Storying is free and utterly biblical, does it get better than that?

We are also going to begin Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. The initial plan right now is to run a small group through Financial Peace University so I can learn the material and become better equipped to teach the material. After we have gone through it once with a smaller group, we will open FPU to the area in an effort to break the bondage of debt that has shackled so many people and taken control of their lives.

If we can break the shackle of debt and free people financially, I am confident they will be more open to the Gospel because their lives are already being changed by the word of God.