Preaching in an Expository Manner

This week I am reading the Spring edition of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s magazine and it opens with a letter from the president of the university, Danny Akin. While I am not going to type his whole letter out, I think it is worth the time to snap up the information and turn it in to bullets because we share the same methodology about preaching and the church.

Akin says, “the seminary is committed to teaching and preaching the Bible, the whole Bible and nothing but the Bible, so help us God.”

Here is why:

  1. A commitment to the Bible’s full and complete innerrancy, infallibility, and sufficiency. (Matt 5: 17-18; Luke 24: 25-27, 44-47, John 10: 35; 17:17)
  2. A commitment to help the church develop a biblical and Christian way of thinking and living. (1 Cor 10:5)
  3. A commitment to biblical exposition as the foundational and normal manner of preaching
  4. A commitment to show how the text points to Christ and to never fail to preach the Gospel
  5. A commitment to model in our preaching how we hope and want our people to handle, study, and teach the Bible. (2 Titus; 2 Tim 2)
  6. A commitment to put in the hard work necessary in the study.
  7. A commitment to guard the heart and mind and never stop growing as a man of God who is being conformed more and more into the image of Christ.
  8. A commitment to cultivate a pastor’s heart and a love for people the way Jesus loves them
  9. A commitment to a basic and fundamental truth: what I say is more important than how I say it, but how I say it has never been more important.

These nine commitments that Akin says guides Southeastern, also guide Catalyst Baptist Church. Come visit and stay awhile. You will be glad you did.