July 2017 Book of the Month

Getting angry is not a sin, if you are righteously angry. We often get angry and mad over the most trivial things, myself included, and in those instances we are treading the line of sin closely. I suspect in many instances we cross right over that line into full blown sinful anger and damage our Christian testimony with others.

Men, buy this book and take back your family from the destruction we have left behind. Women, buy this book for your husband after reading it yourself.

Because of this I want to recommend a book by Bill Perkins, When Good Men Get Angry.

The book can be purchased from the Amazon machine by following this link: When Good Men Get Angry: The Spiritual Art of Managing Anger

The book is broken down into easily digested chapters:

  1. Getting at the core of anger
  2. An alien experience
  3. The man with a hole in his face: Identity
  4. The man who withheld sex from his wife: Respect
  5. The man who yelled at his daughter: Control
  6. The man who would be God: Pride
  7. The man who buried his wife alive: Forgiveness
  8. The man accused of stealing from his dad: Blessing
  9. The woman with a white marble in her hand: Responding

Men, we need to take back our lives, our families, and our love.