Step Seven: Time Management

I suspect many people looking to join Club 168, have discovered their lives and the amount of time available to be more Christ-like, are in direct opposition with each other and joining Club 168 is more difficult than imagined, perhaps even impossible in their minds.

The modern life is a busy life, but not necessarily a Godly life.

Americans work long hours. We commute great distances. We have large houses filled with lots of stuff and an endless number of bills that never seem to stop, even if you try and live a simple life. The power bill, it is coming. Water, same thing. What about gas, telephone, cable, and food, do not forget your food bill. It costs a lot of money to eat and even more to eat well. Mortgage, did I forget to mention the mortgage or rent bill? That bill is often not going away for an extended period of time as bankers have suggested and approved people to take out mortgages that eat up anywhere from 30-70% of their income…

Earning enough money just to pay the above bills is enough to give most people stress, and it does. It takes long hours to pay those bills and those bills become shackles locking up our time and lives. Now factor in the amount of time and money devoted to entertainment and fun if possible, and time starts getting even more crunched, and people get more and more busy, and more and more agitated trying to fit everything into the limited life they can squeeze into the left overs.

Into this busy life, where is the time to be a Club 168 member? It does not exist because discipleship and God are easy to cut out of our lives. The priorities of most people supersede their passion to be a disciple of Jesus, no matter what their mouths say. Most cannot even find themselves faithfully attending church and a small group, let alone truly giving God 168 hours a week. How many self-professing Christians are faithful to their church, their small group, and the process of discipleship?

Paul wrote to the Ephesians in 5: 14-16, “…’Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.’ Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”

Jesus did not free us to shackle us to these lives, we have done that on our own by falling for the marketing trap of what it means to be happy and American.

We do not use our time wisely in the pursuit of righteousness because we have allowed the world to come in as an active opponent to the will of God and our discipleship. Leaving us empty, seeking more, and cutting the one things in our life that can provide the filling for our hollowness.

So, how can a disciple manage their time to better be a disciple? Put God first is one of those steps we stumble on and never become anything close to what we could. We will be held accountable before God of our lives (Romans 14: 12) and in most cases, we will be found lacking because our knees are not bent and our tongues are not confessing.We spend more capital on looking like the world than time in following Jesus.

The unimportant and unworthy has overtaken the worthy and become more important than God.

Please reassess your life. See where the worldly is overtaking the spiritual and begin taking back that time. Devote yourself to the Lord as an ambassador and disciple, spreading the Good News of Jesus and putting the emphasis where it needs to be, on the redemptive power of Jesus to restore the lost and make whole the broken.

God’s plan for each and every one of us is not to be a slave to the market, but a disciple of Jesus. So why not listen and do?