June 2017 Book of the Month

This month I want to suggest a book on church polity, or government. Many people, I think, assume their method of church government is the best one and all others are wrong, if not fraudulent. If they think of it at all.

How many of these same people that think their churches method of governing is the best, have actually read supporting materials on it and on the other methods? I suspect the number would be very low.

In an effort to prompt people to think about their church and their church polity in general, I want to recommend the purchase of Perspectives On Church Government: 5 Views by Daniel Akin, James Leo Garrett Jr., Robert Reymond, James White, and Paul Zahl.

The book can be purchased via Amazon, which will also help Catalyst without increasing your costs.


Perspectives is not the end all be all, but I do think for most people, church polity is something people have very little understanding of. Perspective is a good book to introduce church polity and get people thinking about Scriptural support and traditions that have formed over the centuries.

Some of the contributing authors do a better job than the others, but let this be a good launching point of your inquiry on church polity.