Step Six: Evangelism

There was a time in Christian history when a person was not allowed to join the church until they had shared their faith to the point resulting in a conversion of another person to the faith. Sadly I think if this was made a condition of membership today, there would be only a handful of members in very few churches.

The heavy lifting of evangelism is carried on by a short few. The church in America and much of the western world is in the hands of a professional clerical staff. This clerical staff is not only empowered, but entrusted with the requirement to share the Gospel while the rest of the believers relax, knowing they have entrusted the need to share their faith with professionals equipped through professional training, learning, and vocation to share their faith.

This model is 100% wrong.

Every Christian is called to share their faith. It is part of the process of discipleship. When Jesus uttered the Great Commission, He did not say, “Hire for yourself a professional class to spread the Good News while you expand the sanctuary.”

We read in Mark 16: 15-16, “…Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”

For all too many people, the “go into the world” element of Jesus words died with the Apostles. They must think those words were only for the Apostles and not the rest of believers throughout time, otherwise why would the vast majority of Christians not share their faith with others?

I cannot believe it is because believers want other people to die in their sins and face eternal condemnation, even though this is the effect of not sharing their faith.

So, what are believers to do? Share your faith! Find a method a technique, a Scriptural passage and use it. Otherwise, what good are you to the Kingdom of God?

Here are a few methods, pick one and make it yours or find another not mentioned:

  • The Roman Road to Salvation
  • Single verse Evangelism
  • Share Jesus Without Fear
  • Three Circles evangelism method
  • Bible Tracts
  • The colored beads on bracelets

Being a disciple of Jesus means one of the elements of your discipleship is more than a willingness to share your faith. It is the actual doing. It is not on us to save folk, but it is on believers to expose the darkness to the light and speak the Good News of Jesus to a fallen world so some might be redeemed.