The Move to Bessemer

Catalyst Baptist Church held its final service at its Ironwood location April 30. Afterwards the chairs, pulpit, projector, and everything else were moved out and put into temporary storage.

This Sunday, May 7th, Catalyst is having its first service in its new location, the Bessemer City Hall auditorium. The auditorium will hold more people and has an elevated platform for speakers and musicians.

For Sundays service, Kent Dudley and Bended Knee have agreed to travel to Bessemer to play music for our inaugural service in our new town. Dudley and his wife Shantel played for last years New Beginnings fund raiser in Ironwood, where Pastor Ian made their acquaintance and said at some point, he would like to bring them back to Ironwood. That time is now.

The service will start at 11:00 a.m., Sunday. Be there or be square.

To learn more about the Dudleys, please visit their website and listen to them on the Youtube machine.