Step Four: Worship

It feels absurd to have recommended Christians spend time reading their bibles and praying. It also feels somewhat absurd to say this should be recorded in a journal so you as an individual can track not only what you are doing, But what God is doing in your life.

Now I am asking people that proclaim Jesus as Lord to actually worship, corporately and privately. For too many believers, we act like the nine lepers that received the grace and mercy of God, and then go looking for a priest to recognize and sign off on it.

Meanwhile, we missed the fact it was Jesus that administered the healing. Only one of the lepers recognized he was in the presence of the kingdom of God and returned to Jesus immediately. This former leper fell on his face, worshiping and praising God. This is an image that should immediately come to mind for people when they think about the Christians in their midst.

So, Step Four of Club 168 is to worship. It is too easy to skip church, Bible Study, evangelistic events, and any other corporate event the local church hosts or sponsors. These are moments of faith in action, but we often find them not worth our time. Finding the distractions in life taking greater importance than the Kingdom of God in our midst. This is the opposite of worship.

Therefore, in Step Four, look at your church and get more involved. Involvement is not joining something, it is the act of doing. Anyone can join, but few do. What this will look like will be different for all of us. Find a way to fellowship that enables you to focus on God, not the busyness of life. Be thankful and mindful of the work of God in all we do.

Remember in Luke 17: 26-35, many will be lost in their daily life and miss the revealing of the Son of Man. We must put the Son and Kingdom first in our lives, despite the busyness around us to glorify God.

When we worship privately and corporately in recognition the Kingdom of God is present with believers, we stop looking for signs and external elements ushering in that which is already here. When God is first, we cannot help but worship in all things we do, thanking God for his beneficence and praising Him for his mercy.