Protestants, Not Doing It Much Anymore

Oh boy, I am going to hurt some feelings with this post and I know it. I know it and you are going to know it in a moment also, but it has to be said because I am standing on the shoulders of thousands slain for the right not to be Catholic and to know their Bible and its truths.

Catalyst Baptist Church is not practicing Catholicism light. Not today, not tomorrow, and not any other day of the year, ever.

This is the 500th anniversary year of Luther putting the 95 Thesis on the wall in protest of abuses by the Catholic Church. We accept this is a launching off point for the Protestant Church(es).

Protestant churches formed not because they ceased to believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord. Protestant churches formed because of the supremacy of Scripture way over and above any kind of man-made tradition and the abuses of the Catholic church that added to Jesus ability to redeem, therefore taking away from his divinity.

The man-made had, in many instances, pushed away the supremacy of Scripture and the Scripturally literate said, “No more, never again,” and they died by the tens of thousands in the most horrific manners imaginable to stand on Scripture and Jesus as the sole source of salvation.

Mariolatry, just like other forms of idolatry that had crept in to Christianity 500 years ago, like praying to saints  for example, were put away by the majority of protestants, but clearly not for good. The Lutheran and Anglicans kept and maintain many of the Catholic trappings, but the baptists and others rejected them all.

So I cannot help but wonder why do I see this heavy adoption of “Easter” by baptists when they had put it down just under 500 years ago? Easter and its trappings do not have to creep in to the Baptist churches anymore from our culture, the doors have been flung wide open by pastors and the body!

Listening to Albert Mohler’s podcast, “The Briefing,” this morning, Mohler cited a CBS article with some disgusting facts. This article mentioned the amount of money spent on Easter this year is at an all time high, 6% higher than last year and climbing yearly. This expenditure being on mainly decorations, candy, and gifts. This money is not spent to advance the Kingdom, it is spent to move the bottom line of businesses that have figured another way to market “Christianity light” and sell it to the masses, believer and non-believer alike.

When is enough, enough? Christians do not need to buy candy, presents, or decorate for “Easter.” This is a made up holiday by the Romanists, something Baptists rejected nearly 500 years ago.

What kind of traditions are creeping in to way too many Baptist and Protestant churches after rejecting them once already?

  • How about Ash Wednesday? It started 17 March this year, 46 days before Easter and I have heard many protestants discussing “Lent,” and what they were going to fast from and give up. I look at them and cannot help but wonder, “What are you doing?” You can fast anytime and worship and praise anytime. Lent is a Catholic holdover and you are not beholden to it, so STOP acting like you have to follow it or you are a bad Christian.
  • Palm Sunday. Likewise I hear people mention Palm Sunday as the last Sunday of Lent and commemoration of Jesus return to Jerusalem. OK. Got it. Why are you promoting this day? It is not a biblical holiday or date Christians must recognize and follow. This is a made up day of recognition, period.
  • Holy Week.” This one really baffles me. Near as I can tell, every single day is worth praising God and worshiping our Lord and Savior. Why should we designate this week as special…unless we want to embrace what we rejected 500 years ago.
  • Lets just add the rest under one final bullet so we can put it all to bed. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. These days mean nothing. These are traditions that are followed by Catholics/Orthodox and have in many protestant churches crept in as something worth embracing.

I want a Christian faith that finds God, the advance of the kingdom, and Jesus as the most important thing in our lives every single day, every single week, every single year. Protestants that want to practice Catholicism light on certain dates of the year are treading a slippery slope. There is nothing to gain by adopting the rejected, unless you own one of the businesses selling the paraphernalia around the holidays.

The resurrection is an important event, every single day of the year. Catalyst does not do something special on “Easter,” because every day is special and worthy of praising God and worshiping at the feet of Jesus. This week I have felt like the one leper that returned to praise God and worship at Jesus’ feet while the other kept on trucking to see the priests, because it is our faith that makes us well (Luke 17: 11-19).