April 2017 Book of the Month

This month I want to reach back into my own personal history. Back in the year 2000, our chaplain brought Stu Weber to speak at our unit. Stu Weber is a former Green Beret in Vietnam that lives in Oregon where he pastors a church and raised his family. You can imagine Weber had some issues to work through upon returning and as such, he has gained some insight and appreciation of the power of the Gospel to heal.

The book is available at this link. http://amzn.to/2oLR0zx

Weber discusses men from a biblical perspective, identifying four pillars that hold men up or cause us to topple. The four pillars are pretty wide and solid and even an unbeliever will see the biblical wisdom and strength in the pillars.

Weber’s four pillars are:

  1. The King Pillar
  2. The Warrior Pillar
  3. The Mentor Pillar
  4. The Friend Pillar

Now, for the females reading my book suggestion this month and thinking this book has nothing for them. I disagree and so does Weber. Weber discusses women and the women in the lives of men and the interaction between the two.

This is an excellent book. I recommend it highly.