Catalyst Is Moving On Up

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to say it here first, before I buy advertisements in the local newspapers next month. Catalyst is moving worship locations in May. This is a long time coming and I am so grateful it is here.

It has been painfully obvious our current location was hampering growth. It was a great location for a year, but it really capped our ability to expand and reach people. I have not blamed the dozen people that came to Catalyst and did not return, our location was an impediment to reaching some.

Our new location is the city hall building in Bessemer. Starting in May we will meet in the auditorium of city hall at the same time we have always met.

What this move does:

  • We now have an elevated platform so people can see from wherever they sit
  • The stage will allow the formation of a band
  • We can develop the children’s ministry we have wanted
  • We now have two bathrooms and no longer have to share one
  • We are saving a significant amount of money which will enable our outreach efforts to expand
  • Our location is more suitable to reaching the whole community, being right off US 2.
  • More opportunities to serve by the members will become evident as we have three access points for greeting
  • Creates a better reach by location to reach those traveling on US 2
  • Closer to the summer and winter recreation locations
  • We can forge a closer bond with the community because we share a building.

I am sure more things will become evident, but this list is what I have been praying about for a year that I wanted to address by moving Catalyst. God is great, He knew the right timing and the right location and brought the two together to make Catalyst Baptist Church this much more relevant to this community.


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