What Is That?

Imagine walking through the neighborhood and seeing a bush on fire. Not only is the bush on fire, but it looks different. Upon closer reflection and inspection, you notice the bush is not burning, but there are flames consuming it. This is not normal. Then a voice comes out of the bush and says your name twice.

This happened to Moses in Genesis 3. God informs Moses He has heard the people of Israel crying because of their bondage. Remember though, Moses split from Israel. Moses had a privileged upbringing in the house of Pharaoh. Then one day he killed an Egyptian to protect a fellow Hebrew and everything came crashing down. Moses took off to save his skin.

Amazingly, God selects Moses to be his agent and bring Israel from bondage. Moses though was not having it. “Who am I That I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”

This is something we often find ourselves asking God also. Why would God pick me? Or why would God pick him, or her? Moses had the same thought, but what we need to remember is, if God has made a choice, who are we to fight or question that choice?

God hears our suffering. God takes notice and has a plan to relieve that suffering. God’s plan involved coming to the earth, putting on the flesh of man, living a sinless life, dying unjustly for the sins of others and being reborn, defeating death.

Moses was used to lead Israel from Egypt. God heard their cries and took action.

Today he hears our cries and sends His Son, who is greater than Moses. Jesus has already defeated death for your sins, saving you from facing the punishment for your choices, if you believe in Him and follow Him.

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