Ain’t That A Shame

I love Exodus 16. I think the short chapter pretty much captures just how short-sighted and rotten man can be.

Remember God had responded to the cries of Israel. They were totally unprepared for God to respond. They followed Moses after many miracles done right in their sight. They cross the Red Sea with another miracle. They were following a pillar of clouds and fire and three days into the wilderness were without water.

Amazingly, they thought God went through the trouble to spring them from Egypt to let them die three days into the wilderness. God provides them water and gives them a conditional promise.

As we enter chapter 16, Israel has left the water and begin grumbling against Moses because they do not have any chow. It is so bad, Israel says they should have been left in Egypt to die with bread and meat pots instead of the wilderness where they are all going to die.

God hears those grumblings. He informs Moses he will rain bread and meat from heaven. Amazingly Israel forgets how God saved them from Egypt almost immediately and began grumbling about God not providing them enough. People today can be just a forgetful about the greatness of God and grumble.

We see a group of people that is never happy in Israel. They always want more and are never satisfied with what God provides them. When I see this it could be us, in America, just as easily. How quick are we to grumble because we do not have the amount of whatever it happens to be we want. God provides. God provides abundantly well, yet we still grumble for more.

God is still providing. God provided Jesus to redeem us, yet this is not enough. God has done almost all the work, while not forcing us to believe, yet we still grumble and want more. Do you ever see your own self in Israel? It is easy to point out Israel’s faults, while missing we possess those same ones.

God already heard our pain, he heard our suffering and reacted according to his eternal plan. He provided the route and the way to eternal life, but we still grumble it is not enough.

If you have had enough grumbling at God and are ready to commit to the plan He has for you. Please read this and contact me, I will help talk you through this commitment.