What’s Going On?

We told the story of Genesis 40 last week. In this story Joseph is in the clink unjustly and two members of the Kings court are also in there at the kings wishes.

The other two members of the kings court are assigned the same section as Joseph and Joseph takes care of them. After some amount of time, both of the prisoners had dreams and they told them to Joseph.

The cup bearers dream, Joseph informs him, is about his being restored to the the Pharaoh’s court and Joseph asks him to remember him when he is restored.

The baker tells Joseph and the news is not as good for him. In three days time the Pharaoh will be lifting his head right off and hang him off a tree.

During a feast when both the cup bearer and baker see the dreams fulfilled, Joseph is left in the clink and the cup bearer does not mention him to the Pharaoh.

This is some real tragedy for Joseph. It makes you wonder what is accomplished by having Joseph suffer so?

  • Joseph is God’s agent in prison, even if the ultimate reasoning behind it is unknown to Joseph.
  • We see Joseph remain faithful and God eventually restore him.
  • We also must remain steadfast. Sometimes things do not look so good for us, but God may have moved us to where He needed us for a purpose we are totally unaware of. Joseph made lemonade out of the lemons and so should we.

God has a plan, His plan will be accomplished. God is the ultimate actor throughout the Bible and the people in the stories, while real life men and women, are the vehicles used to transmit God’s story. So sometimes we get kicked in the teeth, but that is alright, as God has a plan, we have a place within it, and we need to remain faithful to God and His vision.