February 2017 Book of the Month

Back in 2015, perhaps late 2014, the book club I was a part of in Virginia read The Ugly American by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick. When this book was published in 1958 it lit the American world on fire because it made people reflect on their attitudes and their behavior abroad to a world that reflected on “America,” through the Americans in their country.

The book is fiction, but it is based on fact. Christians ought to read this book and replace the “American” in the title with “Christian.” Christians and those cloaking themselves in the moniker are not doing the name of Jesus justice. We can fix this through our behavior though, when our behavior actually mirrors the man we take our title from, Jesus.

With this in mind I want to recommend this book, purchased through the below link, to read and reflect on how the actions of Christians every single day either glorify our Lord or heap coals on ourselves and damage our testimony.