Faith, One Step At A Time

This past week we studied Gen. 22: 1-19. As our story’s have been building up with God’s requests to Abram, Abram following, and God blessing him and making even greater requests and promises. At this point, Abraham has the promised son, and God comes to him and says, “Take your son…and offer him as a burnt offering…”

Wow. Just imagine that. All these promises of an heir, all the miles walked, all the promises kept and those as yet unrealized in the future. Now God asks Abraham to sacrifice the heir he was promised.

Abraham does exactly what he is supposed to do. He gets up early, saddles up the gear and Isaac and heads out to the mountain God will show him for the sacrifice. Now Abraham has to take one step at a time with his son in tow towards the mountain God has chosen for the sacrifice. Each step is another commitment. Just allow your mind to picture a father doing this. See the tragedy unfolding in your mind, yet Abraham is faithful through it.

God, as you know, intervenes at the last minute and provides a substitutionary sacrifice for Isaac. Abraham says, “The Lord will provide.”

How many of us are even listening? Remember, Abraham had years and years of hearing and doing behind him. This monumental request does not come out of nowhere. It comes after years and years and millions of steps in faithful service to God. At this point, Abraham is at the height of joy as a parent with the promised son and heir and God lays claim to him and asks Abraham to give him as a burnt offering…and he listens!

What a model of faith for us. Are you willing to listen and give to God everything you have? Are you willing to walk the walk? Abraham walked the walk ans God counted it to him as righteousness and blessed him. Remember in your own life, God is not going to ask for something beyond your measure to accomplish.

I do ask you to remember this though. Abraham walked a million steps in obedience. Abraham recognized God as the Lord. Abraham did everything God asked him to do without worrying about what he was going to get or how it would make him feel or how he would miss whatever he was giving up.

Can you say the same? Are you on your way to your first million steps with Jesus? The internet says people average about 7,500 steps/day. How many of those 7,500 are with Jesus and how many are for you?

God is challenging you to make those 7,500 steps per day in his service. It starts with one step though and that first step involves belief in Jesus. That is your first step. That leaves another 7,499 steps to follow the Lord/day.

It starts with one. Will you work on this with me? God is waiting for us to do it and we have models in Abraham and Jesus of people doing just this. Putting one foot in front of the other every day for the Lord.