A Demonstration of Faith

Can you imagine God saying he is your shield? Yet God said this very thing to Abram in Gen 15: 1-21. Abram had just finished rescuing Lot and giving a tenth of everything he gained in the battle to Melchizedek. God says Abram need not fear because He is his shield and his reward will be great.

Abram understandably mentions the absence of an heir in response, because who will Abram leave this legacy to without a biological heir? God says again to Abram that he will have more heirs than can be numbered and here is something we should not miss, Abram believed the Lord and God counted it to him as righteousness.

After this we hear more and more promises and affirmations as God informs Abram how all these things are going to happen in the future and his offspring will be sojourners in a foreign land another 400 years, but Abram should not worry abut this future as he will die in peace at an old age.

How many of us today look at the entirety of Scripture and believe like Abram did? God told Abram details about a future he would never see himself, and Abram believed. I think we often lack this level of faith as modern Christians. Let me ask a few questions to check out how well we listen to God and demonstrate our faith in Him.

  1. Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God, who lived a sinless life, and died for your sins, being resurrected on the third day to eternal life? Y or N
  2. Do you study the Scripture daily?  Y or N
  3. Do you pray without ceasing? Y or N
  4. Do you faithfully come together with other Christians? Y or N
  5. Do you seek the council of God when making decisions? Y or N
  6. Do you support the storehouse of God with faithful tithes? Y or N
  7. Do you spread the Good News of Jesus often? Y or N

It is of course possible to list more questions, but I think this is a sufficient test of a persons faith with number 1 being the most important question, as the above seven are directly commanded to us in Scripture and I bet the majority of people reading this post cannot honestly answer yes to all seven, which is very achievable.

How well does your faith stand up to what God actually expects of us?