January 2017 Book of the Month

Some of you might consider I am two months late in this months recommendation, however considering the shift in thinking to embrace this months topic, I am right on time for some of you and way too early for others, and for only a handful, this is something you were already aware of.

Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State by Gerard Casey is a book my wife purchased for me about three years ago. The term anarchy has been co-opted and taken over by the State because it is the primary threat to the State. So why as a pastor, would I recommend a book on a political philosophy, to a group of readers? Anarchy, or Libertarian Anarchy as the author calls the belief system, is the only political system that does not make Christians compromise their beliefs in the Bible and Jesus as Savior to adhere to it.

I know Christian’s that consider themselves Republicans, Democrats, independents, 3rd party of one sort or another and in each and every case, the individual Christian must compromise their faith to support that system of thought or they must reject elements of the Bible and subscribe to a fleshly system to governance in those places. All except for anarchy.

The problem is, people think of anarchy as Reds in Italy throwing firebombs, kids spray painting graffiti, and any number of criminal behaviors, none of which is anarchy. The book is divided into sections, as follows:

  1. Death and taxes
  2. Liberty and libertarianism
  3. Anarchy and anarchism
  4. Law without orders
  5. Delegitimizing the state
  6. and a conclusion

If you have found yourself shelving your beliefs, holding your nose, or voting for what you or someone else might consider the lesser of two evils, do yourself a favor and buy this book. You are likely to recognize there is no reason to compromise your Christian beliefs to support the State. Cease supporting the State instead.